family therapy theories and approaches, psychology,

professional ethics
February 13, 2021
Discuss leadership principles and how to implement those principles in leading healthcare supply chain operations.
February 13, 2021

family therapy theories and approaches, psychology,

need one one well/ nice paragraph and one respond to classmate

1.What systems approach or part of a systems approach do you think you might

want to employ in doing family treatment?

I attached rational emotive behavioral therapy as the one is good for family.

Right way you think so.

+ 2. one respond to classmate (the respond should be nice) find something you like there and comment, add some more info ask question) but stay positive.

I find Multi-generational Family Therapy most interesting since it seems true to me that the family patterns tend to repeat through generations. I also like the idea of Bowen’s genogram since it would help clinicians learn the client’s history which may lead us to find somethings that triggered their current family structure or their belief/expectation in a family. However, this approach seems to take a long time and the process seems complex in many situations. For instance, I would think it would not be as effective if the clients were adopted and therefore, had no information of their biological parent. A history of their foster parents may be helpful, but the history of mental illness or personalities from their previous generation may not define the client as well as the history of foster parents since such conditions are highly related to a genetic reason. Neukrug’s book described Bowen’s explanation in couples, and how they chose each other because they are the same level of psychological health. If that is true, the clients can somewhat understand each other and work things out by understanding the difference in each other. I also like the idea of not involving their children in the session since they are not the cause of the family issue and they cannot fix anything by attending the therapy where parents may argue and express frustration.

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