Federal Government 2305 writing homework help

January 12, 2021

Federal Government 2305 writing homework help

Students must also comment on at least one fellow classmate’s in addition to writing their own. Comments must be more substantive than just “I agree” or “disagree”. They must be a minimum of 100 words.

** I need a respond for this student :

Normandy Toledo

American Dream Discussion Board:

The American dream is defined as “an American ideal of a happy, successful life, which often includes wealth, a house, a better life for one’s children, and, for some, the opportunity to grow up to be president.” This is how the text book defines the American dream. I do not define the American dream this way. I believe that the American dream is defined as going to a place and being able to live in a country that is free.

My dad immigrated to the United States when he was very young as a political refugee from Cuba after Fidel Castro overthrew the country. He and his family were not looking for wealth, they were not looking for a house, the ideal that they were sought after was freedom. Freedom from oppression, freedom from communism, and freedom from a dictator. After leaving Cuba and obtaining their freedom, my family was able to achieve the benefits of living in the United States, which include living a happy and successful life.

I think the American dream has changed throughout generations. When people used to come over to America, they were already living decent lives, they just wanted an improvement. But as time has progressed, I feel that more and more people are now venturing over to America to escape something. Whether it be poverty, a corrupt government, or even terrorism, people rarely come over to America anymore simply to be happy.

I think it is very hard to obtain the American dream especially if you are new to America. It is very hard to start from the bottom and work to the top to where the American dream is. For most immigrants coming to America, it is hard for them to start from literally nothing and obtain financial security. America is not an equal playing field, especially for minorities. That is why it is called the American dream and not the American reality.

As for my political idealology, I would consider myself a moderate liberal. I agree with most liberal views on social issues in America. Issues including abortion, death penalty, and gay marriage I share the same views as liberals. However, on economic issues I share the same view as conservatives. Issues including taxes and health care I share the same views as the conservatives. But because I value social issues more than economic issues, I would consider myself more liberal than conservative.

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