Financial Analysis Financial Figures and Concepts accounting homework help

January 12, 2021

Financial Analysis Financial Figures and Concepts accounting homework help


i need assistance with the following scenario:

In anticipation of Mary’s request for comparative analysis, it will be useful at this time to do some research.

This is the scenario that was asked by your boss:

Here is the list of financial ratios you asked for. I need you to explain the computation of each and compute these for Apix’s results for the financial statements you are using for the PowerPoint presentation.(attached are the financial statements for APIX)

Also, compare
Apix’s 2-year trend results to that of two firms(listed below) in the sector. Indicate how each of Apix’s ratios differ, and indicate whether the two other companies’ ratios or Apix’s ratios are indicative of better performance. THE NAICS Code for the company is 323111.

The two companies are Deluxe Corp (DLX) and Multi-Color Corporation(MCC) and their financial information can be found at

A financial guide to read annual reports (10K) can be found here:

Explain the computation for each of the following, and compute each for Apix and two other companies in the same industry as Apix Printing:

  • Current ratio
  • (Long-term) debt to equity ratio
  • Gross margin percentage
  • Net profit margin percentage
  • Return on equity percentage

Present your findings of the above data in a table. Add a paragraph that summarizes your results, indicating whether investors would find the financial analysis results of Apix competitive as compared to rivals in the sector. Be sure to include both positive and negative trends in your analysis. MUST HAVE REFERNECES

I have attached APEX Printing’s Financials and the two companies Deluxe Corp(DLX) and Multi-Color Corporation(MCC) will need to be looked up at the above referenced website for the 10-K report

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