General Education Capstone sociology homework help

January 12, 2021

General Education Capstone sociology homework help

A few parameters:

  • Your individual rough drafts should have already been submitted in the “Rough Draft” forum in week five.
  • Choose two different rough drafts to evaluate (when possible, please choose the drafts you will review that have not been reviewed by your classmates or that only have one review. By doing this, we can better ensure that each of your fellow students has at least one peer review on his or her work—simply put, choose carefully; don’t just pick the first two drafts you see).
  • Each of these reviews should have your feedback provided in a Word or Open Office Document. Utilize the provided rubric (linked above) and include this with your constructive feedback, incorporating specific, positive remarks as well as helpful suggestions so your peer is able to see you genuinely evaluated their rough draft.
  • You will provide this feedback as a reply to each of your two peers within this Peer Review Drop Box which will then be graded upon the close of this week.

Your instructor will score this assignment using the GU299 Peer Review Grading Rubric.

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