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March 18, 2023
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global economics economics homework help

_________ established the machinery for multilateral (many-nation) negotiations.

European Union

World Trade Organization

General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

Tariffs of Abominations


____________ is a move toward an integrated world.


Developing nations




All of the following would be considered a multinational EXCEPT:

Ford Motors Company

Shell Oil Company

Chevron Oil Company

All of these are multinationals.


The WTO succeeded the GATT.




Which of the following is one thing that specialization and division of labor have in common?

They both lowers productivity.

They both increase productivity.

They both have negative effect on the world economy.

Only specialization has a positive effect on the economy while division of labor does not.


_________ group of six European countries formed in 1951 to coordinate iron and steel production to ensure peace among member countries.




World Trade Organization


The FTAA was set up for the European nations to reduce trade barriers amongst them.




Solar power is considered a ________.

renewable energy source

tariff energy

non renewable energy source

division of labor


Which is considered the biggest nonrenewable energy source?




solar power


Wind-generated electricity is a ________.

nonrenewable energy source

renewable energy source

solar power

biggest nonrenewable energy source

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