Global Marketing business and finance homework help

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March 8, 2023
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Global Marketing business and finance homework help

Below is the assignment:

Post 2

Review the submissions your peers made in Post 1. Choose one of your peer’s countries (a different one than you have used previously).

Use the website the Observatory of Economic Complexity ( to identify a lesser known good that country exports (other than petroleum products).

Read “What is Counter Trade” at… .

“Your country” wants to countertrade that “lesser known good” you selected above for $100,000 worth of Jack Link’s Beef Jerky. They obviously want more than $100,000 worth of it. How does Link Snack, Inc. go about determining how much of that “lesser known good” they need to take in exchange?

Below is my peer submission that I would like to use:

My country is Japan, and they would classify the product as a beef product for the purpose of import tariffs.

The import tariffs that would apply would be the World Trade Organization country specific Tariff Quota Rate (TQR) for beef at 4.4 cents per kilogram

Some packaging and labeling restrictions on beef products that are exported to Japan are as follows:

Labeling Requirements

Cartons containing non-heated, cured only products with a maximum of 70 ppm nitrite must be labeled “For Export to Japan.”

If not preprinted by the label manufacturer, the net weight (in kilograms) should be stenciled, stamped or handwritten on the carton. Pounds may be shown on the label as well

Beef and beef products derived from cattle less than 30 months of age that are in compliance with FSIS regulations that ensure the removal of the distal ileum of the small intestine and the tonsils.

To be eligible to export beef and beef products to Japan, the slaughter and processing establishment (including cold storage facilities repackaging beef and beef products under Identification Services) must implement a USDA Less Than 30 Months Age Verification Quality System Assessment Program (QSA Program GVD1035A) that is approved by USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS). Only upon completion of a successful on-site audit by AMS of a meat establishment to ensure compliance with QSA LT-30 Program requirements will that meat establishment be approved as eligible to export beef and beef products to Japan…

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