golf questions

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January 12, 2021
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January 12, 2021

golf questions

All information pertaining to the Ryder Cup. 




1. Where is the Ryder Cup being played this year? What country and what golf 


course? (4 pts)


2. What is the format of the Ryder Cup? (3pts)


3. Who was the captain for the American side? (3pts)


4. Who was the captain for the European side? (3pts)


5. Which side won the Ryder Cup? What was the final score? (4pts)


6. What was the Kansas City tie to this year’s Ryder Cup? (3pts)


7. Who won the clinching point for the winning side? (4pts)


8. Who earned the most points for the American side? (3pts)


9. Who earned the most points for the European side? (3pts)


10.Where is the Ryder Cup being played the next time it is contested? 


Recommended Resources:


The Golf Channel –


PGA Tour –


United States Golf Association –


Royal & Ancient Golf Association –

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