Harrison has A lot to say about war in his novel history homework help

January 12, 2021

Harrison has A lot to say about war in his novel history homework help

Directions: Answer ONE of the following questions in a formal essay:

1. Harrison has a lot to say about war in his novel. Of all of Harrison’s messages or themes regarding war, which three are the most significant and why?

2. Harrison’s novel includes a broad array of themes, including death, fear, religion, nationalism, the relationship between officers and soldiers and soldiers and civilians, dreams of military glory, gender, and alcohol, among many others. Of all of the book’s themes, which three are the most important? Why are your selections so significant?

3. Is the narrator (main character) in Harrison’s book a hero? Provide three strong reasons why he is or is not a hero.

Paper Formats: Papers should be three, double-spaced pages (at least three pages and no more than three and a half pages) with standard margins (1” on all sides), use Times New Roman font in black ink (size 12), have page numbers on the bottom right corners of pages, and be paperclipped or stapled. You may only use materials from the course, including assigned texts, lectures, and class discussions. You MAY NOT use information from other websites and/or unassigned readings. This paper must be your own work; papers that are too similar to those by other students will be considered plagiarism.

papers will have strong content, organization, style, professionalism, and grammar. It will engage with primary sources and may even use lectures and the textbook. MLA style. 3 page double space.

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