May 9, 2022
Professional Capstone And Practicum Reflective Journal
May 9, 2022

Health Management

Field Activity Part 1: Field Interview Analysis

The student will conduct interviews with 2 current healthcare administrators in either a direct or non-direct healthcare facility. The student will submit an analysis of the key knowledge, skills and abilities needed to succeed in the positions as described by these professionals. Include the perspectives of the interviewees serving in the positions.

Be sure to include answers to the following questions:

· What is the title of the position?

· What are the key responsibilities?

· How long has the interviewee served in this position? 

· In what other positions has the interviewee has served?

· What are the key KSAs needed to succeed in the interviewee’s current position? 

· What are the primary challenges and how does the interviewee utilize his/her KSAs to address the challenges?

The paper will be in APA format and will be 4-5  pages in length. excluding title page, abstract, and references,

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