HMIS Questions health and medicine homework help

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March 9, 2023
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HMIS Questions health and medicine homework help


  • Please submit assignment 1 in a single Microsoft Word file.
  • Please remember to not only be clear, concise, and professional with your answers but also label and number your answers accordingly.
  • Chapter 8 – Health Management Strategic Information System Planning/Information Requirements (pg 165-190) Chapter Questions Page 188, #1, 2, 4, Questions/Comments

8-1. Describe the different organizational structures. Given your answer, how would the input be different if 98% of the patients are participants in a managed healthcare program?

8-2. Develop a matrix, and list the advantages and disadvantages of using each of the organization structures as presented in the chapter.

8-4. Using the objective “A bar-scanning mechanism that includes the patient, all hospital personnel that treat the patient, and the prescribed/administered service will be implemented within 1 year,” develop for tactics for this objective as demonstrated in the strategic planning focus in Exhibit 8.1.

* Models we learned:

The planning, organizing, directing, and controlling model – (PODC)

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