How can you protect intellectual property in your corporation business and finance homework help

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March 19, 2023
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March 19, 2023

How can you protect intellectual property in your corporation business and finance homework help

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Post 1 Patricia wrote this:

How can you protect intellectual property in your corporation.

There are some ways to protect your intellectual property and that is through patents, copyrights, and trademarks. Federal and state laws protect intellectual property rights from misappropriation and infringement. (Cheeseman 2016, p-131) You follow the guidelines that are set-up by the federal government to protect your property, but is that enough. Patent is a grant by the federal government to the inventor of an invention for the exclusive right to use, sell, or license the invention for a limited amount of time. (Cheeseman 2016, p-134) Copyrights give the creator of the intellectual property exclusive rights to publish, produce, sell, license, and distribute the work. Copyrights can be sold or licensed to others, whose rights are then protected by the copyright law. (Cheeseman 2016, p-139) Trademarks are names, symbols, and logos used to identify and distinguish goods of a manufacturer or seller or services of a provider. (Cheeseman 2016, p-145)

Is any method of protecting property fool proof? Why or why not?

Looking at Coca-Cola, KFC, and WD40 you would say yes, protecting property is fool proof, but it is not. Senior managers need to inform all employees about the importance of the trade secrets. What their responsibility is as an employee to keep the secret. What the consequences of the secret getting out will mean to their employment. (Forbes 2010) Those companies have taken extra measures to protect their secrets. There is a whole other side to this, look around and you will see people selling counterfeit (Knockoff) products everywhere on the streets, especially in large cities. It really makes me wonder if the owners of these patents, trademarks, and copyrights are not behind some of these actions. Money being the ultimate goal.

Compare and contrast the information from the article and the company you identified.

Both KFC and WD40 have their recipes contained in vaults. Not all

companies go to that extreme to protect their recipes. A trade secret is

protected as long as it remains a trade secret. Coca-Cola and Dr Pepper

were both developed by pharmacist, neither took out a patent on their

product, for fear of the recipe getting out. Dr Pepper adds a few more

ingredients to its recipe.

Post 2 Rachel wrote this:

Research and identify a company that has kept its property (recipe, perfume, etc.) secret.

Dr. Pepper is one of the most popular products that have been kept secret for as long as I can remember. “The recipe for Dr Pepper is cloaked in secrecy; allegedly it’s divided into two parts, each locked in a different Dallas bank so that nobody can possess the whole formula. Nobody knows for sure what the “23 flavors and other ingredients”” (Myers, 2014). This technique has also helped the business create a type of mystery surrounding the product that has encouraged sales.

How can you protect intellectual property in your corporation?

Intellectual property or “patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. Federal and state laws protect intellectual property rights from misappropriation and infringement” can be protected by a grant from the government in order to own and exclusively use that piece of property for a period of time. Filing for a trademark, copyright, or patent creates a legal agreement that makes it illegal to use the intellectual property without permission.

Is any method of protecting property foolproof, why or why not?

There is no method that is foolproof. Filing for a legal agreement that makes the intellectual property illegal for anyone to use can deter many people from using this information. Unfortunately, many people can change the item slightly and claim it is their own invention. For example, if a business uses a trademarked name in a different industry, then they are legally allowed to: “If another company is in a different type of business than you, you may not have legal grounds to stop them from using your mark” (Akalp, 2014). This may create confusion and does not deter someone from using a trademarked intellectual property if they are using it legally in a different industry.

Compare and contrast the information from the article and the company you identified

Coca-Cola is a big name in the food and drink industry. Many other brands have tried to replicate the recipe, but I have never had a Coke by a different brand that tasted even remotely the same. A great example of protecting intellectual property is “To be able to protect your secrets, you need to understand how people can get at them. Imagine a fence built around your office. The fence represents the company’s security measures, and within it is where proprietary information is developed, used and stored” (Halligan & Haas, 2010). The article mentions Coca-Cola as the main example. Dr. Pepper is also a very heavily guarded secret by the company. Both are drinks and both are very heavily guarded from the public and even many people in the company. Dr. Pepper is known for their mysterious “23 flavors and other ingredients” and Coca-Cola is described only as “natural ingredients,” which can be considered a large amount of different ingredients.


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