i need help with my contemporary issues assignment

colleges and universities like all business have strengths weaknesses and competitors
March 21, 2021
· What are the three most important responsibilities of your position? · What are your day-to-day responsibilities? · What challenges do you face in meeting your responsibilities?
March 21, 2021

i need help with my contemporary issues assignment

Discuss the following five issues as follows:

Your discussion of each of the 5 issues should be around 1 page, type-written, single spaced. Sources of information can include: personal work experience, previous classes, interviews with practicing engineers, the ASCE web site, or professional articles. Consider the reliability of the source of information. Information from the ASCE web site can be considered reliable; information from J.Q. Public’s Facebook page is likely not reliable, unless J.Q. is a practicing engineer with training or work experience related to the issue.

  • Air quality
  • Construction safety
  • Traffic congestion
  • Transportation safety
  • Bridge maintenance
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