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January 12, 2021
Research a current global health policy for which you could recommend improvements.
January 12, 2021

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I need this done by Wednesday @ 2pm.


For your thread, answer at least 1 of the following questions of your choice (you can discuss as many as you like):
  1. An issue that will always be of interest to those that manage criminal justice organizations is one of continual hiring. There is always a certain amount of personnel that leave an organization each year, prompting the need for new hires. With this in mind, discuss how the known generational differences might influence the hiring. Also discuss how you believe the different generations will affect the criminal justice organization in which you are employed, provide counseling for, serve as a chaplain for, consult for, are affiliated with, and/or administrate or manage.
  2. Define what you believe leadership to be in any criminal justice organization. Explain how your definitions could best be applied to improve yours or any criminal justice organization of which you have knowledge or have researched in order to answer this inquiry.
  3. What do you believe have been the major changes in human resource management over the years? What circumstances or other intervening items or systems have caused those major changes to occur?
Discussion Board Instructions
There will be 8 Discussion Board Forums with reading assignments for each. You will complete the assigned readings and post a thread of at least 400 words, including at least 2 citations in current APA format from at least 2 different resources, answering the discussion board question assigned from the readings. The books for this class are:
More, H., Vito, G., & Walsh, W. (2012). Organizational behavior and management in law enforcement (Custom 3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc. ISBN: 9781269653459.
* Riccucci, N. M. (2012).
Public personnel management: Current concerns, future problems
(5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Longman Publishers.ISBN:9780205012671.


I need this assignment done by Wednesday around 2pm.
Next Assignment is the Worldview Paper.
The other assignment is a Worldview paper that I need done by Friday of this week. Here are the instructions:
Worldview Analysis Essay Instructions
After completing the Activities 1 and 2, research one of the worldview policy outcomes (hate speech, abortion, etc.) and discuss it in 1 ½–2 pages. Identify whether this piece of legislation either is currently being debated in Congress or has already been implemented and passed by Congress. Provide a brief overview of the key tenets associated with the piece of legislation. Be sure to link goals and objectives of the legislation to 1 of the three major worldviews discussed in the worldview presentation and provide a clear and sufficient explanation of those links. You must incorporate citations from 4–5 scholarly sources. Center this worldview paper around Biblical Principles. Feel free to insert other views on this paper but, center it around a “BIBLICAL VIEW”.
Of Course all work is to be done in APA Format. Thanks



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