introduction philosophy 2

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January 13, 2021
Psychiatric week 2 discussion 6
January 13, 2021

introduction philosophy 2

As a general definition, knowledge is something that is believed to be true and can be backed up with evidence. A belief is something that is believed to be true, but there is not adequate evidence.

The difference between knowledge and belief seems pretty clear. However, how much evidence does it take to change a belief into knowledge? And, who decides what kind of evidence is reliable? Should knowledge be based on empiricism (knowledge that comes from experiencing the physical world), reason (knowledge that comes from logic), or a combination of both?

Take a moment to reflect on these concepts, and then write 2–3 pages on the following:

  • Think about someone in your life who loves you—it could be your mother, significant other, child, or even a pet.
  • Do you know this person loves you, or do you believe this person loves you?
  • State your argument for why you chose to categorize the idea as either knowledge or belief.
  • Give 3 pieces of empirical evidence for the knowledge or belief, as well as 3 logical reasons.
  • After looking through the evidence, do you still maintain your original categorization of knowledge or belief? Why?

Please submit your assignment.


For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials

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