Kant and Mill Philosophy questions

January 12, 2021

Kant and Mill Philosophy questions

Respond thoughtfully to five (5) questions from the Post-Reading Reflections questions in Chapter 11, and five (5) Post-Reading Reflections questions in Chapter 12.

Chapter 11-Immanuel Kant

1.) What did Kant mean by “a scandal in philosophy?”

2.) Identify and discuss one or two major Enlightenment themes and their relationship to Kant’s philosophy.

3.) What is practical reason?

4.) Describe the moral dimension as Kant understood it.

5.) Explain the reasoning behind Kant’s efforts to make morality a motter of motives, not consequences.

Chapter 12-John Stuart Mill

1.) What is the Malthusian universe?

2.) Characterize simpile utilitarianism.

3.) What is the hedonic calculus?

4.) What is the greatest-happiness principle?

5.) Why is education so important to Mill?

The book is archetypes of wisdom by douglas j soccio

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