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January 12, 2021
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January 12, 2021

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the Learning Environment in Curriculum Development – Discussion

read the bottom first before you start

For this Discussion, first view the Child Care Setting video, which visually presents many components of high quality child care environments. Then, discuss with your classmates how the following factors affect curriculum: 

  • Arrangement and usability of space
  • Organization of time
  • Appropriate, quality materials & equipment
  • Clear expectations and support for expected behaviors
  • Support for social, emotional, physical, cognitive, language development
  • Compare the different learning centers mentioned in the Readings. Discuss 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of learning centers in an early childhood classroom. Share what centers you would implement in your classroom and determine why you chose them.
  • Check your state standards or a state close by and look for lists of equipment or materials that are essential in a child-care setting. Identify at least three standards and share how they are assessed.


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                                                            here is on how she want it



                                     Tips for success in this unit’s DB:



When you share your standards, please be sure that you list both the numeric or alphabetic indicators as well as writing out the standard.  For example, instead of sharing that the standard is “Georgia PDM2,” you would share that it is “Georgia PDM2: The child will participate in activities related to nutrition.”  In addition, be sure to cite your state standards in your references.

For the bulleted item #6, be sure that you address the entire question – 2 advantages, 2 disadvantages, what centers you would implement, and why you made those choices.

Have fun!  This is a great DB opportunity!




































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