law 3020817 2

Information Governance : Why is Continuous Improvement needed in a Culture of Compliance?
January 13, 2021
Discussion: Influencing Social Change
January 13, 2021

law 3020817 2

1. Describe at least 3 influences on decision making by a judge.  Indicate at least 2 reasons why you believe these influences are the most influential to the process.


2.  Attorney Joe smith has established regular interactions with many of the local judges in the town where his practice is located and has built professional relationships with them.  Discuss at least 2 advantages that Joes professional relationships would afford him if he wants to postpone a case until a more favorable judge is available.


3.Describe the key roles that you believe legal subculture plays in a courtroom setting.Examine the affect that each of these roles has on a judges decision making process when he/she is hearing a case.


4. Identify 2 of the relative strenghts and weaknesses found in legal subculture.  Describe the primary reasons why you believe your chosen attributes aid in the decision-making process of court systems.


Please use at least 500 total words.



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