Leadership in Culture and Organizational Change assignment help

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March 11, 2023
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Leadership in Culture and Organizational Change assignment help

Diversity may be defined in a variety of ways. Culture is one of the factors that can define diversity in an organization. There are opportunities and challenges related to leading a culturally diverse organization. It is important to approach issues of diversity with an open mind since it is likely to have an impact on organizational change. Thus, leaders should know how to utilize positive aspects of diversity to forward organizational change and—at the same time—minimize and address challenges related to diversity that might detract from organizational change. This knowledge provides leaders with the tools needed to lead a diverse group through organizational change.

For this Discussion, find an article about the topic of “Culture and Organizational Change.” Consider the influence culture might have on organizational change. Consider the influence that organizational change might have on culture within an organization.

Write a description of the article you found. Analyze the relationship between “Organizational Culture” and “Organizational Change.” Analyze the impact each might have on the other.

Note: Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources while adhering strictly to APA style of reference.


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    Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
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  • Paulienė, R. (2012). Transforming leadership styles and knowledge sharing in a multicultural context. Business, Management & Education, 10(1), 91–109.
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Optional Resources

  • Ming-Yi, W. (2010). Gender and cultural influences on expected leadership styles in the Taiwanese public relations field: Transformational and transactional leadership styles. China Media Research, 6(1), 37–46.
  • Mott, L. (2008). Organizational culture: An important factor to consider. The Bottom Line: Managing Library Finances, 21(3), 88–93.
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