Legal Research and writing law homework help

January 12, 2021

Legal Research and writing law homework help

Part III of the Writing and Research Assignment will be due one week later, on the final day of Week 10, on or before midnight (CST). This part of the writing assignment is worth an additional fifteen (15%) percent of your final grade.

You will add the following to your Memorandum of Law and submit the entire Memorandum:

  • The Analysis/ Discussion of Law
  • Conclusion
  • Identify key, relevant facts;Identify sources of law from which to draw support for your client;Address the main and peripheral issues; andCommunicate your findings clearly and concisely in an internal memorandum.
    1. Read the Hypothethical Scenario under the Course Information button on the left-hand navigation bar.
    2. Answer the questions included in the Project Hypothetical for Part I. Be sure to answer in clear, concise sentences so that a decision can be made on this client.
    3. Put the information into the form of an internal memorandum.
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