Lewin s Change Management Model business and finance homework help

January 12, 2021

Lewin s Change Management Model business and finance homework help

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Lewin’s Change Management Model, also known as the “unfreeze, freeze and refreeze” model is perhaps the most well-known change theory for evidence based practice within nursing. It states that organizational change is a common thread that runs through all types of businesses regardless of their size, industry or age. To explain organizational change, Lewin gave an analogy to describe this change, saying that is was similar to the changing shape of a block of ice, unfreezing, freezing and refreezing.

In the model Lewin related that the best way for an organization to start a change was to begin by unfreezing or by preparing the organization to accept the change. This step includes the breaking down of existing methods of operation before the organization can develop a new way to operate. The second stage is one in which the ice must be molded into the new shape that one wants. For the organization this means that everyone should start resolving their uncertainty and begin looking for new ways to do things. The third and final stage of Lewin’s model is described as the refreeze stage, in which the ice is solidified into its new shape. For the organization this means focusing on promoting stability once the changes have been made. During this phase people should become comfortable with the changes within the organization and accept them as the new norm (Mourfield, 2014).

The McKinsey 7S Model is effective and popular but different from Lewin’s Change Management Model in that it addresses the role of coordination rather than structure in organizational effectiveness. The Mckinsey model shows how seven different elements within an organization can be aligned together to achieve effectiveness within the workplace. It states the seven key areas of the model are: structure, strategy, skills, staff, style, systems and shared values. In the Mckinsey model describes the functions of these 7S’s as:

Strategy: Key approaches an organization uses to achieve its goals.

Structure: The system of sensibly dividing an organization’s resources and departments into groups and teams.

Style: The culture within the organization relating to both leadership and interactions between stakeholders.

Staff: The type of employees and how they are recruited and retained.

Skills: Abilities to complete different activities.

Systems: Organizational processes and the technical platforms used for operational support. Shared Values: Organization’s vision and/or mission.

This model focuses more on what it calls the critical role of coordination, instead of structure, for organizational effectiveness

(Mourfield, 2014).

Many healthcare companies use various forms of these change theories. Both my mentor and I are most familiar with the McKinsey 7S Model as it was utilized at a large healthcare conglomerate we both worked for at various times in the past. That organization called it ‘the seven pillars of success’, however, they were the same elements and were utilized in the same manner.

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