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May 13, 2023
Literature  comparitive essay 5 pages with bibliography and atleast 4 secondary sources
May 13, 2023

Literature  100

Prompt:Find a recent news article (latest from September 2020) about Africa. Your chosen article can be about any topic, but it must includeat least oneimage relating to the news article. After reading the news article and selecting ONE image from the news article, answer the following:1.What is the news article about?2.Describe your chosen image that accompanies the article. How does the image contribute and/or support the text of the news article?3.Be sure to discussat least twoformal elements.4.Do you think the news article and your chosen image reflect Okwui Enwezor’s articulation of Afro-Pessimism? Why or why not?On a separate page, include:1.The details of the news article: the title of the article, the name of the author, the date of the article’s post/publication, and website link2.The image that you are analyzing in relationship to the news articleProvide the link of the website of your choosing.Choose from these News Websites:CNNJacobinThe GuardianFoxIndependentBBCNew York TimesLos Angeles TimesTime MagazineNewsweekArs TechnicaThe AtlanticSlateRoads & KingdomAl Jazeera

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