Literature  write like a modernist
May 14, 2023
Literature  Media Review
May 14, 2023

Literature  750 word essay

3 pages (750 words) minimum.  Standard essay form, with a meaningful title (not “Paper #1”), a clear, well-supported argument and a conclusion.  Please double-space.  Please upload to this link by midnight March 8. The course materials for this question include the articles by Perdue and Hershatter on iLearn, “Flowers of Shanghai,” “Confidence in the Game,”  Midnight, “The Goddess,” “Shanghai’s Lost Art Deco City,” “Lilong Preservation,” and Powerpoints on iLearn.PLEASE DO NOT USE MATERIALS THAT WERE NOT ASSIGNED FOR THE CLASS.  IF YOU DO, YOU WILL GET AN F ON YOUR PAPER.1. Because Shanghai was the most modern city in China in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Shanghai women were at the cutting edge of China’s modernity.  Please comment, using at least three specific examples of image and text from the course materials, on how depictions of Shanghai courtesans, Shanghai prostitutes, Shanghai movie actresses, and ordinary Shanghai women reflect the development of modernity in China.Resource:Flowers of Shanghai Goddess

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