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May 19, 2023
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May 19, 2023

Literature  African Americans Lit

DirectionsFor your reaction paper, choose one of the following topics from this Module’s reading and discuss the relevance of the topic in the 21st century:SlaveryThe Harlem RenaissanceJim CrowThe Black Arts MovementQuestions to consider as you write:Why is the topic important to study?What impact do you believe it has on people today?What positive or negative impact do you see because of the concerns expressed in your chosen topic?How does it add to your understanding of African American struggles and/or contributions?Requirements:500 WordsYour work must be formatted in MLAProvide documentation when quoting from the assigned text(s).A Works Cited page must be includedSee Resources & Services for MLA information. Scroll down to the MLA Basics section.No outside sources may be used.Submit your file in .doc or .docxYour work must be submitted by the date and time on the course schedule of the syllabus. Please try to submit your work ahead of deadline in case of technical issues.

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