Literature  Reflection Paper 3
May 14, 2023
Literature  How would you improve an email from a supervisor?
May 14, 2023

Literature  American literature

Read FIIT 1 of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Vol. 1, pp. 140-153).Review the “Critical Reading Skills” section of the W1 Literary Analysis Tools module and then perform a close reading of lines 130-150, paying particular attention to how the Green Knight is described. You may find it helpful to annotate or take notes.Refer to the grading rubric for this assignment using the link in the Gradebook.Step 2: ReflectA close reading allows the reader to carefully evaluate the reading to identify details that may be missed during a casual reading. Identifying these details helps the reader to form conclusions about the text. Analyze the details you observed in your close reading and draw conclusions about both the human and supernatural elements of the Green Knight.Step 3: RespondPost 1: In your initial post, address the following items:What does the passage reveal about the Green Knight?How does the poet use diction to create both human and supernatural elements in the character?Identify at least one example of alliteration in the poem and describe its effect on you as you read the poem.Criteria:300 words minimum (excluding quotations and citations). Please include your word count at the end of your post.Include properly integrated and cited direct quotations from the poem. You will likely have several, since you are evaluating diction.

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