Literature  “Barn Burning” Post
May 19, 2023
Literature  History of Art from Middle Ages to Modern Times (Week 4 Assignment)
May 19, 2023

Literature  Art#4a

For this assignment, you will discuss how you see the Design Principles used in a 2D print.  You can select a 2D print from your home, workplace, or online. Take a photograph of the 2D print or save an image of the print, and include it in the worksheet.In Unit II, our assignment was to describe an artwork using the Visual Elements. We can think of the Design Principles as a way that the artist organized the Visual Elements.  Instead of focusing on the small parts of the artwork (like line, shape, and mass) the Design Principles look at the whole artwork and how all the elements work together.Provide a detailed description of the design principles in your 2D print, using full and complete sentences. For Design Principles, make sure you describe how the artist used the ones in Chapter 5: unity and variety, balance, emphasis, repetition and rhythm, and scale and proportion. Questions to consider are included below:Unity: what elements work together to make a harmonious whole?Variety: What creates diversity?Balance: Is it symmetrical or asymmetrical?Emphasis: What is the focal point?Repetition and rhythm: Is an element repeated?Scale and proportion: Are the objects in proportion to each other?Be sure to describe exactly where in the artwork you see each Principle. For this information you need to describe each artwork using the terms we learned in this unit’s reading.  Be sure to use all of the Design Principles listed to describe each artwork. Remember to write in complete sentences and use proper grammar.

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