Literature  summary
May 14, 2023
Literature  i need help with homework in religion Old Testament Prophecies and New Testament Fulfillment
May 14, 2023

Literature  course project

Choose two important concepts for each of the three modules. For your concepts, you might consider the formal elements of fiction, poetry, and art that we have examined, a particular “approach” or “perspective” from which one might approach a creative work (such as formalism, history/biography, reader responses, etc.), or some other concept that you feel was important.Write a short paragraph describing your two concepts for each of the three modules, and explain briefly why the concept is important.For each concept, write an exam question that asks someone to define, and/or use the concept.Provide the correct answer to your question, along with an explanation of why it is the correct answer. If there were other options—if your question is multiple choice for instance—explain why the other choices are incorrect.

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