Literature  Lit Short Story Research Paper
May 17, 2023
Literature  assignment 2
May 17, 2023

Literature  Cronbach’s Alpha

Cronbach’s AlphaThis week, you have learned about how to use Cronbach’s alpha as a measure of scale reliability. In this Application, you will calculate Cronbach’s alpha for provided data.To prepare for this Application:•Review pp. 706–711 of the Field text for a description of using Cronbach’s alpha to measure scale reliability.•Review Chapter 5 from the APA manual, “Displaying Results.”The assignment:Calculate Cronbach’s alpha on the scale provided on pp. 710-711 of the Field text using the SAQ (item 3 reversed).sav file.Report your findings in APA format according to the guidelines in the PASW Application Assignment Guidelines handout. The final document should be 2–3 pages long.

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