Literature  Lit Reply
May 19, 2023
Literature  Week 4 discussion
May 19, 2023

Literature  db vast hell

For this short story, let us ask questions.  Deep thinker questions.  Really get into the heart or gut of the story questions.  Structural questions.  Reason questions. Character questions. Title questions.   Yes, questions.The right questions are keys to life.  Properly sculpted, they can release, renew, and build.EX:   Why didn’t the inspector just have all the townspeople murdered?   Why would he trust them?Go to Vast DB. You know the drill.1, Ask your penetrating question  NO DUPLICATES2. Reserve to answer a peer’s question.  One student per question.3. Answer a peer’s question.  If the answer is obvious, was it perceptive? Or are you missing something?  Ponder.  You could mention your concern nicely as you craft your response. Do you need to ask another question of your peer?  Do you need to respond to your peer? Then do so.  Third person.I expect you contribute in a measured, thoughtful manner.  This is not a fifteen-minute  neglect of responsibility.

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