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May 13, 2023
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May 13, 2023

Literature  Discussion

As I investigate Henry David Thoreau’s “Resistance to Civil Government”, I understand the claims he makes throughout his reading, and I can say that I most definitely agree with him. I believe that it is an American duty to protect and defend their homeland in the face of any injustice. If any type of unjust laws is being enforced in the United States, the Americans must step up and defend their rights to protest peacefully and disprove it. Today, we are seeing this happen in Cuba; how Cubans are protesting for their basic human rights because they are tired of the injustice that they are living for over sixty years since Castro took over. Also, we are seeing peaceful manifestations all throughout the United States because Cuban Americans want the United States to do a military intervention in Cuba.As we see what is going on and compare it with the reading, I do reinstate that it is an American duty to defy unjust laws and to defy the government if it ever comes an issue (for example, dictatorship, communism, Marxianism, etc.). To help support the American people in case of this happening is Amendment two; the right to bear arms. With this Amendment the American people have support in case we ever experience what the Cuban people are experiencing, that is having the government charge at the Cuban people with military ammunition and them just having nothing but baseball bats, and stones to fire back at the government and to defend themselves.That is why I agree one hundred percent with what Henry David Thoreau’s main idea was in “Resistance to Civil Government”, that is our duty as Americans to defy and justify unjust laws when opposed by the government, this idea gives support to the American people.

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