Literature  Mythology East and West Essay
May 18, 2023
Literature  Comparison and contrast
May 18, 2023

Literature  Discussion 4/5

Discussion 4: book chapter 4Question 1: What is a ritual? Why are rituals such an important component of religion?Question 2: What rituals are performed at your school? How would you classify these rituals?Question 3: Why are therapy and anti-therapy rituals so effective?Discussion 5: book chapter 5Question 2: Why do rites of passage commonly involve painful elements?  How does this affect the experience of the individual undergoing the ritual?Question 3: How do we define what is a drug and what is not? Why do we  allow some drugs (e.g., alcohol, tobacco) but prohibit others (e.g.,  marijuana)?Question 4: What are the adaptive and maladaptive uses of drugs? What  are the differences between secular and religious drug use?Instructions: 2-3 PARAGRAPHS PER QUESTION. Questions MUST be answered from chapter 4 and 5 of the book provided. NO PLAGIARIZING!!!!!!!!!! Answer each part of the question

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