Literature  Week 3: Islam and Workplace Ethics
May 12, 2023
Literature  American literature 1865-present
May 12, 2023

Literature  Discussion Question

Choose two of the stories  listed below and consider the ways in which the texts depict and comment  on cultural conflict or the “clashing of cultures.” How does the “new,”  “popular,” or “official” culture compete with a traditional, unpopular,  or personal belief in your stories? Which culture “wins”? What do you  think these authors (Cisernos, Marquez, Cofer) hope to preserve by  writing their stories?Cisneros, “Woman Hollering Creek” p. 99Marquez, “The Very Old Man with Enormous Wings,” p. 164Cofer, “Volar” p. 399Book: Kelly, Joseph, ed. The Seagull Book of Stories. / ISBN:9780393631630Please respond in MLA format.

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