Literature  Mid-term Examination Cultural History of Modern Korea
May 13, 2023
Literature  Essay on works of literature. No plagiarism period. 1900 words. MLA Format.
May 13, 2023

Literature  Discussion Question

The texts for this week show women in relationship with husbands, daughters, lovers, friends.READINGs:  selection from The Norton Anthology of Literature by Women:Choose one:Hisaye Yamamoto: “Seventeen Syllables” (834–843)Maxine W. Kumin: “Making the Jam without You” (913), “The Envelope” (915); “How It Is” (915), “Skinnydipping with William Wordsworth” (916-917), “Women and Horses” (917), “Sonnet in So Many Words” (918)identify a relationship being described in one of these texts and explain how aesthetic elements as imagery, allusion, distinctive word choice, or metaphor) reinforce the nature of that relationship.Respond in a 250-350 word MLA format.

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