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May 19, 2023
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May 19, 2023

Literature  EDU 635 Week 2 Assignment

A student has approached you with a concern or problem that they have identified in his or her community or school. In order to prevent falling into the trap of solving the problem for the student, you decide to work with the student by providing empowering resources that outline how he or she can start to solve the problem themselves. Using the required resources, school or community guidelines for students, and at least two cited, scholarly sources, create an inspirational and practical how-to brochure or handout that you could provide about how to start a community initiative.Your brochure is written for students; however, make sure at least two references, in addition to the textbook, are cited in APA format. The brochure must include a minimum of three parts provided in a tri-fold format.Resources to useFerriter, B. (2010). Parents are from mars, teachers are from venus. The Tempered Radical. Retrieved from blog is about building relationships with parents.Furger, R.. (2002).  Making connections between home and school: Parents become active participants  Edutopia. Retrieved from article is about engaging adults and parents in the schools.Sheninger, E. (2011). Positive impact. A Principal’s Reflections. Retrieved from blog is about engaging adults using social media.

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