Literature  Answer case question
May 15, 2023
Literature  read the two articles and write a one paragraph response with quotations for each
May 15, 2023

Literature  ENC 1102

Write an analysis or commentary about a story (stories listed below). Focus on the literary aspects of the story. Choose from the following: conflict, character, setting, theme, symbol, tone, or style. Length: 4 to 7 pages. Support your claims with in-text citations from both your primary source (the story) and your secondary sources, the database articles.Stories to choose From:Cask of Amontillado by: Edgar Allen PoeA Good Man is Hard to Find by: Flannery O’ConnorGood Country People by: Flannery O’ConnorSPUNK by: Zora Neal HurstonLove in L.A. by Dagoberto GilbDiary of a Salaryman by Mark BudmanThe Cranes by: Peter MeinkeLength: 4 to 7 pages.  The 4-7 page length does not include the Works Cited page. The works cited page is a separate page after the last page of your paper.Sources: A  minimum of four outside sources is required.  DO NOT use: Wikipedia nor Sparknotes.Use correct MLA format and in-text citations. MLA format includes a Works Cited page.

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