Literature  SANDRA CISNEROS, Arthur of Woman Hollering Creek
May 17, 2023
Literature  “Gamelan” writing
May 17, 2023

Literature  English

You will write a total of FOUR short essays for the exam.  All of them are in now word document.Exam Part IWrite a 3-5 paragraph response to TWO of the prompts below.  Include specific references to relevant texts from our syllabus and make sure you support whatever you claim.1). In what ways is Howells’ “Editha” an example of Realism?2). If you did not know beforehand, what in Eliot’s “Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” would lead you to suspect that it had been written in the early 20th century?3). In what ways is “A Rose for Emily” more a story about the Old South than a story about a girl named Emily Grierson?Exam Part IIWrite a 3-5 paragraph response to EACH of the prompts below:1). In what ways did Frederick Douglass face unique problems as an autobiographer that Ben Franklin did not face?2). What is “postmodern” about Kingston’s “No Name Woman” being the first chapter of her autobiography, Woman Warrior?

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