Literature  Week 4 Debate Paper (for Dr. NoorFatima)
May 14, 2023
Literature  Effective Speaking Discussion
May 14, 2023

Literature  Essay #2

Tasks:Review the sample essay. Notice that the thesis statement is ONE sentence that makes ONE POINT about the TWO pieces of literature being analyzed.Read the Requirements and Directions for the assignment. Pay special attention to the samples for signal phrases and MLA documentation requirements. Also notice the Fatal Flaws that you will want to avoid.Consider the MLA Documentation and Editing Resources.Complete and revise your paper.Add the Honor Code (see Ground Rule #4 in the syllabus) to the bottom of the Works Cited page.Submit Essay #2 to the Turnitin Drop box for evaluation and grading.Complete the review shown in the list of tasks on the left.Follow the directions and requirements to write your essay. When you’re done, upload it to the TurnItIn dropbox below before the assignment’s cut-off date/time.Every essay you write for this course must have four things:Proper structure: an introductory paragraph, several body paragraphs, and a short concluding paragraph. The introduction should include the title(s) of the text(s) and the name of the author(s). It should start with something that introduces your thesis and end with the thesis statement itself. The body paragraphs include support for your thesis statement.Support: your ideas about the literature, quotations (source material) from the literature that support your ideas, and your interpretation of those quotations (more of your own ideas). Paraphrases may be used in addition to quotations, but quotations are the best choice. All source material, whether quoted or paraphrased should be introduced with signal phrases, also called introductory signals. Follow those samples in the assignment handout for introductory signals. (Note: Your professor may limit the percentage of quotations you can add to your essays.)Documentation: MLA Parenthetical citations must be placed immediately after all quotations and paraphrases. Sample citations are included in each essay’s assignment handout. Follow those samples carefully. See the important note at the bottom of this section.The Honor Code: The code should be listed at the end of the last page of an essay. See Ground Rule #4 in the syllabus for the wording. Just copy and insert your name into the blank.Directions and Requirements: There is an assignment handout for each essay, provided in the essay’s Module.

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