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May 14, 2023
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May 14, 2023

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Watch the film extreme measures…..In the movie, security for the illegal medical experiments is provided by two supposed police officers named Hare and Burke. In reality, William Hare and William Burke were two men in the business of supplying human cadavers to medical schools in 1820s Edinburgh – until it was learned that the ones they hadn’t stolen from graveyards, they had murdered themselves.1. If we are either our minds (or souls) or our bodies as the seats of our “real” identities, does either declaration do justice to everything that we are? Are we are or are we not “double” creatures? In what does our identity reside? Just what do I mean when I say “me”?2. If you were paralyzed like Hugh Grant’s character in the film, what would you do to regain mobility? Would it be “anything” ?3. At the end of the film, Hugh Grant receives a package with all of the medical research enclosed in it. What do you think he does with it once the movie ends? What do you think he should do with it?

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