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May 15, 2023
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Discussion 2Emily Dickinson—”I Never Saw a Moor” PRQ #4Due Date: Oct. 23 at 11:30 p.m.• With critical thinking, look at the heading of this assignment and use the named personal response question (PRQ)  to discuss the question in 50 words.Do I have complete faith, or do I sometimes feel doubt? (Some of Dickinson’s poems consider doubt.)• In order to receive credit, use specific material (characters, setting, events) from the named literary work to guide your personal response. A quote is not required; however, if you use a quote, do not just give a quote without explanation of the context.discussion 3George Washington Cable—“The Freedman’s Case for Equity” The Perpetual AlienDue Date: Oct. 23 at 11:30 p.m.In your own words, summarize the selection given in your textbook. Use 75 words in your own words. Be sure to include the date and the significance of the selection in your textbook.DISCUSSION 4Booker T. Washington—“The Struggle for an Education”Due Date: Oct. 23 at 11:30 p.m.• Discuss the critical thinking question in 50 words: “What am I willing to sacrifice in order to get an education?”• In order to receive credit, use specific material (characters, setting, events) and date from the Washington excerpt to guide your personal response. A quote is not required; however, if you use a quote, do not just give a quote without explanation of the context.• Read the introductory note but do not use introduction as specific material from the excerpt. Use no outside sources.EXAMPLESEmily Dickinson “Some Keep the Sabbath Going to Church” PRQ #1 from Content / Unit I / Author Study Sheets with Personal Response Questions for Weekly Assignments /  Emily Dickinson / PRQ #1 “What do I think about organized religion? Can I find a spiritual experience in nature?”THIS IS NOT THE TITLE OR QUESTION YOU HAVE—THESE ARE STUDENT EXAMPLES OF FOLLOWING THE DIRECTIONS.Thestudent personal responsewill not be right or wrong; however,specific connection to the named literatureis required for points.Example Student submission: While it is important for some people to go to church, Dickinson describes in this poem that the speaker finds a spiritual experience with the bobolink singing and the orchard overhead. She does not have to have other people or a building once a week. It’s easy to be a churchgoer. It’s harder to live so that one is having a spiritual connection all along. I certainly agree that I do not have to be in a building to know the Creator. As the poem says, the sermon preached in creation is never long–not like some preachers I have heard.Example Student submission: The Dickinson poem indicates that the speaker doesn’t have to go to church on Sunday morning to find spiritual connection. The speaker finds that in nature. I can see that point of view because it would be seven days a week. However, I am the kind of person that takes comfort and inspiration from other people, so I do need to go to church every Sunday morning, which I have done since I was a little boy. I hope I can take my church experience with me the rest of the week and not see heaven as just some place to get to eventually.Example Student submission: I know ENG 251 is not required for this course, but since I have taken it, I do see a connection to what we studied with Emerson and Thoreau. Dickinson is saying the same thing that Transcendentalists say that we can know the creator through the creation without book or building. She can get constant spiritual connection with the bobolink and orchard. (See, Dr. Denham, I did pay attention J) I do go to church, but I also appreciate the nature I see around us, and it adds to my church.Example Student submission: I do not go to church. I don’t see people in churches walking the walk that they talk about. I think I can find what I need when I go fishing on Guntersville Lake or sitting out in my back yard. This poem says the speaker is going to heaven all along and not just on Sunday mornings. I get it.give response from the literature and then give your personal response about what you think about the question.If it will help, use this template. Dickinson says in “I Never Saw a Moor” that  ____________________. I think that ______________.To help remember, use this two-part template:Washington says in “The Struggle for an Education” that he is willing to ____________________. I have been willing to ______________.

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