Literature  Lesson 4 Assignment: Legends Essay
May 13, 2023
Literature  playwright proposal
May 13, 2023

Literature  giants of the art

Original work. Less than 20% plagiarism, Must be at least 200 word countPart A.Listen to Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. (You may find this selection by searching the Internet.) Answer the following questions.What instrument is used for this selection? Is there more than one instrument? Describe the instrument(s) you hear.Is this piece polyphonic, homophonic, or monophonic? Describe what you hear that makes you think this; support your answer.Is the tempo fast, medium, or slow? Is it the same throughout? Describe.Does this music evoke feeling? Describe.What do you think the artist’s intent is? ExplainHave you ever heard this music before? When? How does this affect your listening experience?Part B.Watch a scene from Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro (You may find this selection by searching the Internet.).In 200 – 250 words, briefly describe what is happening in the scene and your reaction to it.What action is happening?Is the scene funny?Who are the characters?Is this scene entertaining or  interesting?

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