Literature  Must have both questions answered in 250 words totalling 500 words for full homework
May 18, 2023
Literature  Falling girl db
May 18, 2023

Literature  “la llorona”

no plagiarism!!! also i need the plagiarism report in the answerWhy “La LLorona” is an special lecture? what does “la llorona” teach us?Why Maria from “la LLorona” is the favorite character ?Describe “La LLorona” author.How do you  personally think people of mixed origins bilingual, bicultural people can use their mixed cultural identity to their advantage? what are the disadvantages, if any of this bicultural or multicultural heritage? make a list for advantages and other for disadvantagesExile emigration and the crossing of boundaries are experiences that can therefore provide us with new narrative forms or with other ways of telling. use and explain two examples from our readings to support this statement.              (     Readings  The Account.   Indigenous Profile  La Llorona  The Prize of  Freedom  Familia.  My name.  Tales Told Under The Mango Tree.  From the Greatest Performance.  Eva and Daniel  Borinkins in Hawaii  The Angel Juan Moncho  Filomena  Nilda  La doctora Barr  Tato Laviera  Victor Hernandez Cruz  Gustavo Perez  Firmat )

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