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Please choose an organization and answer all the requirement with respect to that organization leadership style, strategies, and methods. Every section should be more than 1500 words and full paper should be in APA format , References, in text citations.For this assignment examine any organization and assess the leadership model and organizational structure currently in use. In order to demonstrate that ,you have to thoroughly analyzed the literature on leadership styles and organizational structures, you are expected to compare and contrast two theories in each category, and then assess the theories or models used in your chosen organization.Include the following in your paper:Section 1 – Models of Leadership and Organizational Structure (SHOULD CONTAIN ALL OF THE BELOW MENTIONED SUB HEADINGS) (1500 words)· Compare and contrast two leadership theories for their applicability to IT management leadership.· Assess the leadership theory or model used in your organization and its relationship to IT governance, providing a supported rationale.· Compare and contrast two organizational structure models and their implications for the effectiveness of IT leadership.· Assess the organizational structure model used in your organization, including the relationship to organizational decision-making processes and leadership style.· Analyze the relationship between leadership style and organizational structure in an IT organization. Include in your discussion how a leadership style, when used by the CIO or other senior IT executive within an enterprise, might create a trickle-down effect throughout the organization. Use evidence from your organization as examples in your analysis, as well as from your readings and research.Section 2- Decision-Making Models and Dynamic Organizations (SHOULD CONTAIN ALL OF THE BELOW MENTIONED SUB HEADINGS) (1500 words)Define Decision-Making Models and Dynamic Organizations· Compare and contrast two organizational decision-making models for their ability to support IT business needs.· Assess the organization decision-making model used in your organization to determine who makes IT decisions and how (or if) that alignment supports business needs and its effect on the competitive advantage of the organization.· Compare and contrast two theories of dynamic organizational structures and change management in regard to their application to an IT organization.· Assess the dynamic organizational structure used in your IT organization, analyzing the ways in which the governance model addresses changing technology and external business challenges (such as global competition).· Evaluate the relationship between a decision-making model and a dynamic organizational structure. Include in your evaluation how the dynamics of organizational change impact the selection of a decision-making model and how the combination of a decision-making model and a dynamic organizational structure affects the competitive advantage of an organization. Use what you know about your organization to support your evaluation, as well as the readings and research from the units.Section 3- IT Governance and Value Chain Analysis (SHOULD CONTAIN ALL OF THE BELOW MENTIONED SUB HEADINGS) (1500 words)· Analyze best practices in establishing IT governance in an organization, providing a supported rationale.· Analyze the ways in which value chain analysis can demonstrate the value of IT portfolio management to business performance.· Evaluate the role of IT in support of the organizational value chain.· Assess the application of value chain analysis within your chosen IT organization.Section 4: IT Business Alignment and Enterprise Architectures (SHOULD CONTAIN ALL OF THE BELOW MENTIONED SUB HEADINGS) (1500 words)· Analyze the value of IT business alignment in achieving the goals of an organization.· Assess the current strategy for aligning the IT portfolio to business performance in your organization, supported by APA citations and references.· Analyze the value of enterprise architecture in an organization.· Assess the current enterprise architecture in your organization, including the benefits and areas for improvement in the organization.Section 5: IT Strategic Management Proposal (SHOULD CONTAIN ALL OF THE BELOW MENTIONED SUB HEADINGS) (1500 words)· Analyze the implications of culture in global organizations and the need for ethics and social responsibility in the IT organization.· Propose a strategy for integrating ethics and social responsibility into the IT Strategic Plan for your organization, including an analysis of the value added to the organization.

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