Literature  American Literature
May 16, 2023
Literature  Introductory Information Literacy Skills (INST 250) online multiple choice quiz
May 16, 2023

Literature  Lit review abstract 4,5

My study: The purpose of this study is to evaluate employee motivation within Indian IT companiesoperating in both offshore and onshore models, and focusing on job characteristics other thanmoney.Please write two different word document for each article.Literature ReviewAbstract and Data FormReference:Purpose/HypothesisMethod/DesignResults:Relevant Discussion:Significance to My Study:Memorable Quotes:Personal Reaction/Thoughts:Future References:Please answer these questions as well.Directions: Use the Article(s) you posted to answer the following questions:Is it a Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary Source?Is the Author Credible? Is the article current enough for you to use?What is the problem being investigated?What research method was used?What were the research questions?What statistical methods were used?What were the findings?

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