Literature  LliTERATURE – Poetry Analysis
May 13, 2023
Literature  Describe Warren Lee Goss’s feelings about the day he was to enlist in the army
May 13, 2023

Literature  LIT2000 Module 6 Discussion

Module 6 Dicussion: PoetryNo unread replies.    3      3 replies.Overview and PromptOften prose writers spend a great deal of time reading poetry (to help with imagery and word choice); today’s poets are often songwriters who use sound to enhance the words. Choose one song that uses lyrics in a poetic way and, then, discuss why it appeals to you. Please include the lyrics of the song and a link to the songwriter’s version.Please see the following sample (you will post your own and then explain why you find appealing):Lyrics of “Sounds of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel”The Sound Of Silence”Hello darkness, my old friendI’ve come to talk with you againBecause a vision softly creepingLeft its seeds while I was sleepingAnd the vision that was planted in my brainStill remainsWithin the sound of silenceIn restless dreams I walked aloneNarrow streets of cobblestone‘Neath the halo of a streetlampI turned my collar to the cold and dampWhen my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon lightThat split the nightAnd touched the sound of silenceAnd in the naked light I sawTen thousand people, maybe morePeople talking without speakingPeople hearing without listeningPeople writing songs that voices never shareNo one dareDisturb the sound of silence“Fools” said I, “You do not knowSilence like a cancer growsHear my words that I might teach youTake my arms that I might reach you”But my words like silent raindrops fellAnd echoed in the wells of silenceAnd the people bowed and prayedTo the neon god they madeAnd the sign flashed out its warningIn the words that it was formingAnd the sign said “The words of the prophetsAre written on subway wallsAnd tenement hallsAnd whispered in the sounds of silence”Disturbed – The Sound Of Silence (Links to an external site.)GuidelinesYour initial response should include your chosen lyrics as well as a link to a video of the song. Your reflection should be around 250 words. Your response to a classmates’ discussion should be around 100 words and add to the discussion (i.e. posing questions, reflecting on their response, etc.). All posts and responses should contain proper grammar, be free of spelling errors, be substantial, and reflect critical thinking.Canvas Guide:How to Link a YouTube Video in a Discussion (Links to an external site.)Remember: Be supportive, considerate, and constructive when replying to your classmates.

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