Literature  To what extent is the creation of small business enterprises promoted by the government of the Turks and Caicos Islands
May 13, 2023
Literature  3 questions
May 13, 2023

Literature  Literature

Question 1.Ozymandias” pp. 522-523 – SPEAKER (PP. 500-503), IRONY (PP. 519-524)1/ Who is the speaker and what is being described? What is the significance of this scene?2/ Which kind of irony (dramatic, situation, or verbal) is used in this poem and what demonstrates that type of iroirony? What is the author’s theme orQuestions 2The English Canon” pp. 548-5491. What criticisms does the speaker have of the traditional English literary canon?2/ what does the speaker mean when she says, “The trouble is, I’ve spent my life / Getting over the lyrics” (7-8)?Directions: You may use your book, notes, and any print materials. in each  poem answer one question. Follow the grading formula below for formatting, grammar/spelling, content, structure, and accuracy guidelines.Grading Formula:+ Formatting – 1 point – Upper left-hand corner has heading with name, class, date. Upper right-hand corner has last name and page number. The title is centered. Skip lines when writing and leave a one-inch margin for comments.+ Grammar and Spelling – 3 points – One grammar or spelling error is a half point deduction. Do not use first or second pronouns. Do not use contractions.+ Content – 5 points – Construct your answer according to this structure:First sentence – 1 point – Answer the question.Second sentence – 1 point – Give context for the quote or supporting evidence by describing who is saying it and what is happening.Third sentence – 1 point – Present the quote with the “book-ends” formula:Who says it, “quote” (paragraph number).Fourth sentence – 2 points – Analysis – Explain how your quote supports your answer.+ Accuracy – 1 point – Accuracy or quality of answer.

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