Literature  remix project
May 15, 2023
Literature  Literary Analysis of Modernist Literature
May 15, 2023

Literature  Literature

See attached file and answer questions1.  What was your first reaction to the poem?  Did you find it difficult to read?  Or did you find it easy?  Did you understand it all at once?  Or did you have to read it a number of times to get the meaning?  Did you find the paraphrase helpful or unnecessary?2.  What stood out to you when you were reading?  Were you drawn to any parts in particular?  If so, which parts and why did they stand out?3.  Was this a poem you can relate to?  If so, how?4.  Did you enjoy reading and hearing the poem recited aloud?  If so, why?  If not, why not?5.  Do you have any other comments you would like to share with the group?

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