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May 19, 2023
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May 19, 2023

Literature  Literature

**Each answer should be 2 – 3 pages double spaced. (Intro, Points, Conclusion)THE METAMORPHOSISThe word “metamorphosis” connotes a process or at least the moment of change, but Kafka’s story does not portray that moment. Gregor simply wakes up as a bug. How would the story change if Kafka had shown the audience the process of transformation? Why didn’t he show the metamorphosis?COMPREHENSIVEa.       All characters have a story to tell. Referencing to “Hedda Gabler” byHenrik Ibsen and “And of Clay Are We Created” Isabel Allende, describe the challenges and difficulties of transforming reality into fiction/art.Book information:—PDF  (Hedda Gabler) (The Metamorphosis)PDF Attached for “And of Clay Are We Created”

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