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May 19, 2023
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May 19, 2023

Literature  Literature

We want to like Mrs. Dutta, Sr.  There is a Mrs. Dutta, Jr., Shyamoli.  We can like her, too.This is an immigrant story.   It is an examination of unsuccessful cultural assimilation. Students new to the country say it parallels their experience in several ways.  They often report that their parents or grandparents feel the same.  Please understand that this experience is not unique  to the United States.This work is seminal to the course.  It is human. It has human short sightedness.  It has deflated enthusiasm.Clearly, Mrs. Dutta, Sr. is uncomfortable to the degree that her ego entraps her.  She is trapped in her way of doing things.   She also has had little help in adapting. You can dislike the children, if you wish.  You can dislike their parents, the neighbor, and even Mrs. Dutta, but UNDERSTAND their motivations from their perspective.Toward this end, please offer c. 100 words of crisp, focused support of Shyamoli or the neighbor. Title in the subject line.  Lead with a direct, targeted thesis.  Offer detail and proof.Do not trip yourself.  See the perspective.

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