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May 15, 2023
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May 15, 2023

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first assignmentRead overview of important concepts(2 files I posted) and watch this video AnalysisWrite an essay of approximately 3 pages (750 words) in which you will compare and contrast TWO novels from the following:”Ragged Dick” “A Little Princess” “The Prince & The Pauper”Your main job is to show important similarities and/or differences between the two stories.  You may focus on one or more of the different literary and style elements we have discussed.Your essay must have:1.  An introduction that clearly refers to both texts.  Include the title, author and illustrator (if applicable) of each novel.  Your introduction should not be a summary of the story or stories.  Rather, you must look for unifying ideas or connections that you can make in order to hold your introduction together – so that it doesn’t read like two separate introductions.2.  A complex thesis, which mentions the points of comparison.  This will provide a road map that you can follow for the rest of your paper.3.  Three specific points of comparison between the texts.  Each main point will be developed in a separate body paragraph.4.  You may focus on similarities, differences, or both.  DO NOT try to cover all the literary elements.  Pick no more than three points of comparison.5.  Be sure to make clear references to the text being analyzed.  You may quote, paraphrase, or simply refer to specific events in your story.6.  Be sure to proofread carefully for grammar and language since these are an important part of your grade.Note:  This assignment does not require research.  It is based on your personal analysis.  Please DO NOT use outside sources.second assignmentMark Twain wrote this book as a critique of social inequality and judging others for their appearance. Pick one particular scene from the book and describe and analyze how the author gets his message across.(250 words)third assignmentCompare and contrast the characters of the prince and the pauper. What does each boy learn about the other’s life? What can this book teach children? (100-150 words)forth assignmentsquestion 1Works of historical fiction are always historically accurate.Select one:True or FalseQuestion 2Sir Walter Scott was one of the most popular historical fiction writers of his time.Select one:TrueFalseQuestion 3Historical fiction has its roots in Romanticism.Select one:TrueFalseQuestion 4Children’s historical fiction often includes time travel in order to help children make the transition between the contemporary world and the past.Select one:TrueFalseQuestion 5Historical fiction employs believable settings and characters.Select one:TrueFalseQuestion 6Historical fiction writing involves very little research.Select one:TrueFalseQuestion 7World building is not necessary in historical fiction writing because all facts are accessible through research.Select one:TrueFalseQuestion 8Good historical fiction writing must immerse the reader in a different time and place.Select one:TrueFalseQuestion 9Lucian of Samosa only wrote one work of science fiction.Select one:TrueFalseQuestion 10All characters in historical fiction novels are based on real people who lived during the time.Select one:TrueFalse

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