Literature  Compare and Contrast Essay
May 18, 2023
Literature  week 1 Dq
May 18, 2023

Literature  Literature discussion

Please write a response with 1-2 sentences for 2 following discussions:1.  Troy explains vividly of many stories throughout the play that have had a  impact on his life whether it be exaggerated or not, it still effected  him to a length. He explains in act 1 of the impact that white’s only  being to drive the trucks had on him. He goes on to say how it’s  unreasonable and many other reasons why he actually even went as far as  to go report the situation. This seems as those Troy is taking charge of  his life with this. He feels it’s been enough of them racism and  segregation so he tries to make this as his stand in life. Then another  major impact on Troy’s life was when he got pneumonia and explained in a  way as if death was calling him and pulling him to come. His  exaggeration of the story goes on to show just how much this had an  impact on his life and he now says because of that situation he isn’t  afraid of death anymore.2. “That’s  the only way I got a roof over my head … cause of the metal plate”(Pg30  L4). These are Troy’s words about his brother Gabriel. This statement  shows the complexity of his relationship with his brother. It’s the  single most important event in Troy’s life. It was like a “reversal of  fortune”, a trade off. Gabriel had an irreversible injury and Troy  purchased a home with the money that was given to Gabriel because of the  injury. In Troy’s own words he told Rose “. . . .I’m just stating the  facts. If my brother didn’t have that metal plate in his head . . . I  wouldn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. And I’m  fifty-three years old. Now see if you can understand that!”(Pg30 L6)  Troy did not make it as a professional baseball player. His current  occupation was that of a garbage man barely making enough to survive.  And, even as a garbage man he had problems. He faced racism and because  of it he could not get the job of driving the garbage truck, only to  pick up the trash. His eldest son Lyons was unemployed and pursuing a  career as a musician. A career path that Troy believes was not  consistent enough to provide for his family. His younger son Cory is  chasing a dream that he believes will not come to fruition; similar to  Troy’s dream of becoming a professional baseball player. The only  noteworthy event in his life of any prominence was when he purchased his  home, and even that he could not take credit for it. It was one of the  things that made him important in his community, that showed him to be a  man and even that achievement belonged to Gabriel.

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