Literature  short answer questions based on class readings
May 13, 2023
Literature  Ripley’s
May 13, 2023

Literature  Literature essay 5 pages

Now, for the exam itself. Below are 4 questions. You need to answer 2 of them with a mix of your ideas, quotes from the text, and some secondary research (non-Wikipedia, non-Litcharts). I am looking for about 5 pages for both mini-essays combined. The due date will be April 9 by 11:59pm. No extensions.Questions:1. Often we attribute cowardice for Hamlet’s lack of action in the face of an obvious call for revenge. Is there some other way to view Hamlet the character?2. The death of Ophelia comes as a result of the dual grief for the loss of her father and the loss of her true love . Why would you say that Hamlet reacts so radically different to the same circumstances?3. What would you say is the horror that Kurtz sees in his mind’s eye moments before his death? Is it simply a late late condemnation of colonialism?4. Marlowe’s lie in Chapter 3 has been written about to death in academic circles. Gather two analytical interpretations of the lie and offer me another way of looking at this climactic moment.

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